How to become a volcano vlogger and guide: Chris' story

Meet Chris, 25, to find out more about life as a volcano vlogger and guide. Part of the BBC Bitesize World of work series.

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I apply the skills and knowledge that I learnt at school to help people understand volcanoes.

  • Chris has built an exciting career as a volcano vlogger and guide for a company called Going to Extremes. He uses photography and film to record and write about his experiences exploring and climbing inside volcanoes for his blog.
  • He is currently working with drones to map lava lakes. They measure the height and depth of the lakes, and help to identify any potential signs of new eruptions.
  • Chris loves sharing his passion for volcanoes with others, helping them witness science in action first-hand, including helping to guide film crews on how to safely access these dangerous environments.

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