Considering university? Here's everything you need to know about going to an open day.
An open day is the best way to get a real taste of university life. You can explore the local area, check out the facilities on campus, and speak to current staff and students. Here’s everything you need to know to plan and get the most out of your visit.

Questions to ask at an open day

Find and book an open day

If you want to book an open day, you can use our search tool to find the ones for the unis you're interested in, or the nearest ones to you.

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Before you go: 10 essential tips

  1. Decide which tours and talks to attend

    the uni will have lots of activities running throughout the day, so check what’s on so you know where to be and when. You can find the information on the university website, and most will email you with more info about the day closer to the time.
  2. Think about what you want to get out of it

    Which departments do you want to visit and who do you want to meet? Make a note of people to speak to and places to visit.
  3. Prepare your questions in advance

    what do you want to find out about the uni, course, facilities, accommodation, and its location? Think about what’s important to you and find some examples below.
  4. Get a feel for the campus

    It's a good idea to familiarise yourself with the campus or campuses before you go so you have an idea of where you're going beforehand.
  5. Decide what to bring

    You'll probably come away with prospectuses, leaflets, and freebies, so take a bag that's big enough to put things in. It's a good idea to where comfy shoes as you'll be on your feet all day.
  6. Plan how to get there

    if you’re going on public transport, check timetables and how far the uni is from the station or bus stop. If you're driving, look up the parking situation in advance.
  7. Make plans to explore the area

    It’s not just about the uni. You’ll be spending a lot of time in the city and potentially living there, so find out what it has to offer.
  8. Decide who to bring with you

    It’s your decision, but it’s always useful to have a friend or family member with you, to think about questions or point out things you might miss.
  9. Reach out if you have any special requirements or disabilities

    Contact the uni or college disability support team in advance. They’ll make sure you have access to everything you need. You may also find our advice for disabled students on preparing for open days useful. 
  10. Can’t visit in person?

    You might be able to attend a virtual open day instead – search and find out more about virtual open days.

Things to consider after your visit

Think about location

Think about the location – how did you feel being there? Was there a good atmosphere and would it accommodate the lifestyle you want? Think about both the campus and city. Make sure it’s somewhere you’ll be happy living as well as studying. 

Talk about it

Compare what you liked and didn’t like – writing it down can help make your thoughts clearer. Make a list of pros and cons for each uni and course. Discussing your ideas and plans with family, friends, teachers or advisers can help you think through what would be best for you.