If you already have a degree, you can either apply for a degree apprenticeship at postgraduate level, or at graduate level in a different field to your degree.

As long as the apprenticeship involves a significant amount of new learning or updating outdated skills because the world has moved on, you’re free to apply.

If you’ve done a graphic design degree, you won’t be able to do an apprenticeship in it as well – but you could apply for a marketing role, for example.

Jack, apprentice at Renishaw

Apprenticeships definitely had a stigma attached to them a couple of years ago, which I think is wrong. I was in the unusual position of having had an Oxbridge offer, but I still chose a degree apprenticeship and I’ve got no regrets.

Is there an age limit on being an apprentice?

Absolutely not – anyone can start an apprenticeship, whatever stage they’re at in life. If you're already in a job, you're eligible too. Just ask your manager if it's something they'd consider, and if it's a yes, great work.

Even if you finished your degree some time ago, you can embark on an apprenticeship. Many career changers are developing new skills and knowledge to retrain in new sectors and industries. An Increasing number of employees are taking the opportunity of an apprenticeship to develop higher level skills for leadership and management positions. The world's your oyster, if you can find the right apprenticeship.

If you’re over 24, the funding might be slightly different, depending on your employer. You may be asked to contribute towards the cost of your learning, which can be done through an Advanced Learner Loan.

You can also apply for an Advanced Learning Loan Bursary if you need help with additional costs, like childcare or travel.

Here’s everything you need to know about degree apprenticeships.