2020 key date changes for advisers

As part of our response to COVID-19, we have made a number of changes to our key dates. This is to ensure we're doing everything we can to support applicants who are unable to fully meet the conditions of their offers or are planning on taking the autumn series of exams.

Key date

Has it changed?

What does this change mean for your students?

1 September 23:59

Adjustment closes



7 September 23:59

Advisory date for applicants to meet their conditions




While universities and colleges will endeavour to be flexible in keeping places open, it’s important to remember this is an advisory deadline.

Your students should discuss their options with their choices and keep them updated.

11 Sept 23:59

Applicants can release themselves into Clearing in Track (‘decline my place’) until this date


Clearing plus closes on this date




Applicants now have longer to decline their place if they want to use Clearing to accept an alternative offer.

21 September 18:00

Last day for firm and insurance choice universities and colleges to make Confirmation decisions. Any choices that are outstanding after this will become unsuccessful.






19 October 18:00

Last day for new 2020 applications to be sent to UCAS



Previously, students had until 21 September to submit applications for 2020. 

20 October 18:00

Last day for applicants to add a Clearing choice in Track


Our Clearing Vacancy Search closes






21 October 18:00

Last day for universities and colleges to make Confirmation decisions for Clearing choices. Any choices that are outstanding after this will become unsuccessful.





31 October 00:01

2020 application cycle closes


Previously, 26 October was the final day of the 2020 cycle.


Delayed Confirmation Decision (DCF)

  • A university/college can record a Delayed Confirmation (DCF) decision against a 2020 applicant, meaning they can hold an offer open in to the 2021 cycle.
  • University/college may use a DCF for applicants who you wish to remain at Conditional Firm in the 2020 cycle, to await the results of the autumn series, which are expected by 31 January 2021 (date TBC).
  • If a university/college has any applicants who have decided to take an autumn examination but have been previously accepted or rejected in confirmation then a DCF can be applied (but they will need to contact UCAS to progress).
  • University/college can only apply a DCF between 2 September and 21 October. 
  • Any applicant who has a DCF recorded against their 2020 application can also have an application in the 2021 cycle.
  • If a university or college isn’t willing to use the DCF route, the applicant will need to reapply in the 2021 cycle.
  • Any applicants who are unable to meet their conditions before 31 January 2021 will need to submit a new 2021 entry application.

Deferred applicants wishing to reapply

For the 2021 cycle only, applicants with confirmed, deferred places from the 2020 cycle can reapply in the 2021 cycle, without withdrawing their deferred application first.

In early 2021, we’ll contact any applicants with a deferred place from the 2020 cycle as well as a 2021 entry application, and ask them to decide which they wish to continue with. We’ll then withdraw the application they no longer want.