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Explore the latest news and key information from UCAS.

Latest news

13 Dec 2018
33.7 per cent of all 18 year olds from England, and 26.7 per cent from Scotland, were accepted through UCAS to start an undergraduate course in 2018. Northern Ireland and Wales saw entry rates...
29 Nov 2018
UCAS’ 2018 End of Cycle Report shows 87,540 university applicants who are yet to complete their qualifications at school or college, have received an offer that could be considered unconditional.
25 Oct 2018
More people than ever have applied this year for university courses with a 15 October deadline.
5 Oct 2018
Aaron Powell has been appointed to the new role of Chief Technology Officer at UCAS, the UK’s shared admissions service for higher education.
20 Sep 2018
Today, UCAS publishes the latest acceptance figures for the 2018 application cycle, as of 28 days after A level results day. Typically, 95 per cent of students who will be accepted by the end of the...

Key documents

We provide numerous scheduled and topical reports surrounding the university application process.

These include:

  • CEO presentations
  • End of cycle reports
  • Annual reports

Data and analysis

We provide intelligence and reporting on trends in applications to higher education.

Press office

Talk to our press office for more information.

Policy and consultations

To keep you in the loop, we publish our responses to policy discussions and consultations.



We organise more than 70 events a year throughout the UK. These include exhibitions for students and conferences for advisers and members.

Take a look at the specific events we offer below, or you can check our advice on open days and international events.


The UCAS higher education exhibitions bring together future students with course providers and other interesting organisations.


We host a number of conferences throughout the year to provide information about UCAS services and the wider higher education sector.


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