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30 Nov 2022
Students who have spent time in care have high hopes about going to university or college, yet 60% receive no specific support relevant to their circumstances when deciding on their options,...
27 Oct 2022
The number of UK 18-year-olds applying for the most selective university courses has fallen slightly, following last year’s record high.
17 Oct 2022
UCAS is delighted to announce three new members to its Board of Trustees, which governs the activities of the charity, and two appointments to its Council.
22 Sep 2022
A record number of UK 18-year-olds have secured a place at university or college after sitting their exams, new UCAS data shows.
18 Aug 2022
This year, 19% more 18 year olds in the UK have gained a place at their firm or insurance choice compared to 2019, following the return to examinations.
9 Aug 2022
A record proportion of Scottish students are celebrating gaining their place at their first choice university.

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