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7 Jan 2021
Dr Katie Bell has been appointed to the role of Chief Marketing Officer at UCAS.
6 Jan 2021
Students applying to start university or college in 2021 have an additional two weeks to complete their applications, following announcements in the UK to close schools and colleges.
16 Dec 2020
The UK’s 38 most selective universities would each only need to admit an additional 70 students from the most disadvantaged backgrounds in England every year to close the collective equality gap in...
9 Nov 2020
Students’ university and college offers could soon be based on their actual grades, rather than teachers’ predictions, under plans to be published by the admissions service.
3 Nov 2020
An experienced digital leader, with a passion for education and the opportunities it opens up, has been appointed as the first independent Chair of the UCAS Board of Trustees.
29 Oct 2020
Students are being aspirational with their university choices for next autumn, with more applying for some of the most competitive courses.

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