Aim of the environmental policy

UCAS is committed to minimising the environmental impact of its operations through the adoption of sustainable practices and continual improvement in environmental performance. We accept the 'Duty of Care' imposed by legislation as the minimum standard to be set and maintained, and we aim to develop a sustainable business that is financially viable, environmentally sustainable, and socially equitable.

To achieve this, UCAS will observe the following practices:​​

1. Be conscious of the environment beyond our immediate operations, and take steps to prevent pollution and minimise environmental harm and nuisance, through:

  • minimising our business travel and focusing on greener travel where possible
  • reducing the consumption of resources such as paper and plastic
  • minimising the volume of waste generated, and maximise reuse, reduction, and recycling of waste for energy recovery

2. Monitor and comply with legislation, regulations, and codes of practice on environmental matters relevant to UCAS' operations, through:

  • maintaining compliance with ESOS (Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme) requirements and appropriate environmental regulations

3. Monitor, review, and continually improve our environmental performance, through:

  • continually reassessing changing technology, business requirements, and best environmental practices

4. Be proactive in maximising environmentally-friendly energy initiatives through:

  • reducing the consumption of fossil fuels, and incorporating long-term strategies for energy efficiency into planning and development

5. Develop sustainable supply chains by using suppliers wherever possible that have environmental standards compatible with our own.


Clare Marchant

Chief Executive
September 2018

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