Supporting access and social mobility

We support national and regional goals around widening access and social mobility.

These efforts support our charitable objective to assist in the advancement of education in universities and other higher, further and secondary education providers.

To support students we publish a growing portfolio of information and advice about qualification and subject choices on this website, alongside information about learning and career opportunities, and specific content for mature students, care leavers and disabled students.

We aim to make sure admissions processes minimise any barriers to students from less represented groups, and support the efforts of universities and colleges to broaden their intake. For example:

  • the UCAS Tariff now includes Access to HE qualifications
  • we offer a contextual data service
  • we publish analysis and insight about progress in closing gaps in applications, offers and acceptances between different groups
  • we offer an analytical service (STROBE) which enables organisations to evaluate effectiveness of activities intended to widen participation