Schools, colleges, advisers or agents can become registered UCAS centres and get unique access to their students' higher education applications.

What is a UCAS centre?

Schools, colleges, advisers or agents can register with UCAS to become a centre – read our terms and conditions for registered centres to find out more. Once you become a UCAS centre, we'll make sure you have everything you need to know to support your applicants through the application process.

Manage your students’ applications easily

Becoming a UCAS centre is free and means students can make their UCAS Undergraduate application through you.

How to register as a UCAS centre

Schools, educational advisers and agents who assist students with UCAS Undergraduate applications to UK higher education can register themselves with UCAS by filling in one of the forms below.

Becoming a registered centre is completely free and provides organisations with a suite of tools to help manage student applications, gives access to the latest information and advice services, and allows higher education (HE) providers to track where students have come from.

Click the relevant link to begin the process of becoming a registered centre.

Which form is relevant to me?

Agents – UK/EU/international 

EU & international schools/centres UK schools/centres
EU/international advisers EU/international based schools (with international applicants) UK schools
EU/international agents British Council offices EU/international schools based in the UK
EU/international counsellors English language centres based overseas UK guidance counsellors
EU/international advisers based in the UK   BFPO schools
Independent advisers/counsellors based in the UK   UK prisons
Register as a UK/EU/ international adviser/ agent
You will need a reference/letter of recommendation if you are an UK/EU/international adviser/agent  

If you are a UK, EU or international adviser/agent, you need to attach a reference/letter of recommendation from a university or college which is a member of UCAS when you complete the above form. Please read the advice for your referee below.

Reference criteria 

The reference/recommendation letter should include:

  • contact name and details of the person providing the reference/recommendation
  • contact name and details of the person and centre/organisation requesting the reference/recommendation
  • confirmation of how long the university or college has known the individual and/or the organisation/centre
  • a brief outline of the relationship between the university or college and the organisation/individual (the referee should highlight if they know the individual/centre, whether they receive applications, and comment on the organisation/individual's professional conduct, etc.)
  • whether the referee would support the application to be become a UCAS registered centre and the reason(s) why   

We will validate any letter of recommendation/reference.

Benefits of being a UCAS centre

Registered centres have unique access to applications during the application process. Centres are able to use our adviser portal to manage, send, and track the progress of their students’ applications. Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a UCAS centre:

  • Help when you need it – a dedicated schools support team.
  • Your centre is viewed as a trusted source of applications by universities and colleges.
  • Manage and submit your students’ applications – with the ability to also email students in your group directly from the system with timely reminders, corrections, and comments on their application.
  • Unique insight and reporting post-submission – track the status of your student’s applications once they’ve been sent: whether they’ve received or replied to any offers, where they’ve been accepted, and more. Snapshots of this insight are also available to easily download in accessible formats.      
  • Receive monthly mailings from UCAS giving you news, insight, and up-to-date information about the application process that you can pass on to your students.

Training services

Once you have registered as a UCAS centre, you can benefit from training sessions offered by our Professional Development Team.

More about our staff training and development opportunities

The UCAS International Team

If you are an international centre, our International Team can provide any help and guidance you may need. The team is happy to visit registered centres to talk to staff and their agents (when the latter are visiting the UK) and to provide training to local staff, agents, schools and British Council staff when attending international events in various countries.

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