By entering the buzzword, students give their permission to share their data and for your centre to manage the entirety of their application including viewing offers, decisions, and replies.

Here we share how you can do this using the  ‘Tracking offers and decisions’ section of the adviser portal.

Tracking offers and decisions

In Tracking offers and decisions’ you can:

  • view details of your students’ offer(s)
  • view conditions of offer(s)
  • view details of your students’ decisions
  • download a real-time Application Status Report

Tracking offers and decisions is:

  • only available to staff with the relevant permissions
  • available to staff to view at group level permission
  • available from the beginning of the cycle in September, when advisers submit applications to UCAS

We encourage universities and colleges to record all offers in the UCAS system, so we can present the information to both applicants and advisers.

Data is reflected in real-time – you’ll see decisions when applicants receive them.

Tracking applications 

The ‘Track applications’ screen shows applications that have been sent to UCAS.

Use the quick filters to identify applicants in the following statuses who might need support:

  • received all offers
  • no offers received
  • unconditional offers received

You can refine your search further by using the ‘More options’ filters – this lets you filter by additional application statuses that might be relevant at different times in the cycle:

  • awaiting decision
  • conditional offer
  • unconditional offer
  • interview
  • rejection
  • accepted unconditional
  • accepted conditional
  • placed
  • unplaced

The ‘Last updated’ column shows you the latest date something changed or an action was taken on an application, either by the applicant (e.g. changed their choice after submission), or by a university or college (e.g. offer, interview).

Showcase your student’s progression with UCAS Adviser Reports

Our adviser packages complement the data available in the adviser portal – find out where your students are progressing to and see how you compare within the sector.

Adviser reports

Application status

This shows the status of the overall application , not individual choices. To view an individual application, including a breakdown of the status for each individual choice you need to ‘View details’ of an individual application.

The statuses shown are:

  • Applicant to reply to revised offer
  • Application cancelled
  • Eligible for Clearing
  • Eligible for Extra
  • Eligible for Extra/Clearing/new choice(s)
  • Final place accepted
  • Has accepted offer(s)
  • In Clearing
  • No offers: other options available
  • Placed through Adjustment
  • Ready to send to university/college
  • Registered for Adjustment
  • University/college to make final decision
  • Waiting for Clearing
  • Waiting for Extra
  • Waiting for applicant’s reply
  • Waiting for university/college to respond
  • Withdrawn from this year’s cycle

Download application data

  • You can download the information on your tracking applications list to create an Excel spreadsheet containing real-time application data.
  • If you have filtered the information, only the visible applications are included in your download.
  • To download data on all your applicants, make sure all filters are removed before you select ‘Download’. To remove filters, check all ‘Type here’ boxes are empty, that all filters in ‘More options’ are unchecked, and any quick filters are unchecked.
  • The downloaded Excel spreadsheet will have two worksheets: ‘Choices’ and ‘Final Destination Report’.

The first tab is the ‘Choices’ report, showing each applicant choice along with:

  • Application status
  • Decision/reply
  • Choice status
  • Summary of conditions
  • Full offer conditions
  • Predicted grades
  • Year of application
  • Year of entry

The second tab is the ‘Final Destination Report’ worksheet, which shows where the applicant has been placed.