The go-to place for those exploring their options after school or college.

Clothes. Music. Interests. They’re all so similar, yet totally unique.

Your students may wear similar clothes, share the same interests, and be influenced by one another, but we know they’re all unique.  

When it comes to making decisions about their future, we recognise that it needs to be the right decision for them. With so many options, sources of information, and decisions to make, how do they decide?

We’ve worked with hundreds of students to create the perfect tool to help.

Organise it. Design it. Make it yours.

We can‘t tell your students what to do, but we can help them make an informed decision.

The UCAS Hub provides your students with all the tools and information they need in one place and for free. So when it comes to exploring subjects, considering apprenticeships, shortlisting their final five, and writing a killer personal statement or CV, we’ve got it covered.

Still need more? Here are five reasons why your students should sign up:

1. Options – and lots of them. From over 35,000 undergraduate courses to choose from, and the latest apprenticeship vacancies, there’s something for everyone.

2. Direction – with timely reminders and a handy to do list, it keeps students on track and engaged.

3. One-to-one support – based on what they’ve told us, we’ll fast-track them to the information they need.

4. Solutions – we’ll help them narrow it down – explore, filter, and favourite the things which matter to them most.

5. A safe space – where they can save their research, edit, and return to at any time.

And the best bit – each student will have their own dashboard which they can customise and tailor to their needs. Organise tools, remove the ones they don’t need, and tick off their to do list. It’s their space, and their future.

See it for yourself

How do my students sign up?

The UCAS Hub is free and easy to use. All your students need to do is follow these three simple steps to sign up:

Step 1 – Register

To get started, visit

Step 2 – Verify your account

Once you’ve completed your registration details you’ll be asked to verify your account by entering a code we’ve emailed you. All you need to do is copy the code from the email and hit the verify button.

Step 3 – Sign in

Now you’re ready to sign in and start exploring! The first time you do, we’ll ask you some extra questions so we can help you find the right info.

To pick up where you left off, visit or click ‘Sign in’ on the top right hand side of any page on and select ‘Students’.

Bringing the Hub to the classroom

We know you’re really busy, and that for some of you, advising students on their next steps isn’t your dedicated role. To help, we’ve created a series of lesson plans to help – covering everything from transferable skills to finding your purpose.

Download your copies now 

Find out what’s new!

We’re continuously looking to make improvements and add new features to help your students explore their options. Here’s a quick overview of the latest additions to the Hub:

  • ‘Chat with students at uni’ – We know the value peer-to-peer conversations have, so we’ve teamed up with Unibuddy to give your students the chance to talk to current undergraduates and gain first-hand insight.
  • ‘Find a subject to study’ – the Subject Compass is designed to broaden students’ horizons, by showcasing what others like them applied to study.

Visit the Hub and take a look 

Don’t just take our word for it

We visited students at St Dominic’s Sixth Form College in Harrow, and The Bourne Academy in Peterborough to give them a sneak preview of the UCAS Hub. Here’s what they had to say.