Help your Key Stage 4 students lay the foundations for their future.

Download our planner and guide them through activities with practical teaching ideas to help them start thinking about their next steps after GCSEs and school.

Looking for new ideas to get your students engaged in thinking about their future? Our planner has 18 activities for students and teachers to explore together and a wealth of resources to dip into for inspiration.

Download and print the planner (1.08 MB). The posters have been designed to print out at up to A3 size, but will also resize to smaller paper sizes.

What's included in the careers planner?


  • The planner is a double-sided poster, with one side aimed at students and the other for teachers.
  • The student side provides a term-by-term breakdown for each age group, highlighting key issues and questions to consider at each stage.
  • See important dates in a quick at-a-glance chart.
  • Fun facts to keep students motivated.


  • Display the poster on the classroom wall and it will act as a visual reminder to students to keep planning their next steps.
  • The teacher’s side offers activities and resources to help you explore each idea further with your students, all in a colour-coded layout that's easy to follow.
  • Activities to get your students exploring future plans include: What will it be like at sixth form? How important are your qualifications? What about vocational qualifications?
  • Help students develop and showcase their skills with ideas on how they can make the most out of their summer, why work experience is important, and what makes a good CV.
  • Get students thinking about money matters, with practical tasks on what university costs and how to save money.