Careers resource: Year 13 – what to expect

Help Year 12 and Year 13 students think about higher education choices, including university or apprenticeships, with this useful presentation.

What does the presentation cover?

The presentation (465.21 KB) is suitable for Key Stage 5 students, in a group or one-to-one setting. It covers the following topics and questions outlined below:

  • Key dates for Year 13 students
  • Introduction on what to expect in Year 13
  • How education levels correspond to qualifications
  • Reasons to go to university
  • Reasons to study abroad
  • How to choose a degree course
  • How to choose a university
  • Can I afford to go to uni?
  • What is UCAS?
  • What’s a personal statement?
  • Key dates for Year 13 students
  • Revision tips

Learning objectives

  • Shows students higher education options – for example, degrees and/or apprenticeships.
  • Introduces students to the university application process.
  • Engages students with their future HE choices.

Lesson starter activities

  1. Ask students to demonstrate, with a show of hands, who is interested in going to university vs. studying an apprenticeship. Then ask them about what they know about each area. Take them through the presentation. Afterwards, ask them in groups to write down three things they have learned and share these with the class.
  2. Most slides are framed with a question, ask students what they think the answer is to each question before showing them the next slide. Afterwards, talk them through the slides to see if they answered correctly.