Find out about our adviser reporting packages for 2021 entry.

Upgrade your insight, with additional reports

We have a number of packages available, for all the insight you need to assist with reporting, planning, and progression monitoring. Each is designed to offer a different level of insight, but all provide information in easily accessible, touch-of-a-button formats, and are accessible through our secure file transfer system.

Monthly Key Statistics Report (new) – £50 + VAT

Designed to save you time, by providing key statistical information about your students, their choices, and their offers. Presented in an infographic style, this in-cycle report gives a snapshot view of the overall status of your students, so you and your senior leadership team have oversight of their progress throughout the cycle.

Silver package – £200 + VAT

This package provides more in-depth information about your students, and their route to higher education. Focused on better understanding your current situation, and how it compares to previous years, it’s the ideal option for planning ahead and identifying areas for focus.

You will soon be able to use the new interactive destination map with your students, to show them where previous students went on to study. We also provide a PDF destination map showing the number of students and their destinations, for you to share with students and parents – the perfect aid to demonstrate outcomes.

  • Monthly Key Statistics Report
  • Annual Progression Report – shows which universities and subjects your students from previous cycles have progressed to, and the offers they received. This report is delivered with CSV files for further analysis, and also has a progression summary page. It comes in two parts:
    • centre report
    • your centre measured against the sector (combined registered centres)
  • Annual Destination Data Map (new) – showing where your students were placed in the previous cycle.

Please note that the progression report and the destination data map will be available at the end of the cycle.

Gold package – £275 + VAT

This package combines all the benefits of the silver package, with increased information to help you understand your performance against specific competitors – valuable insight to help with forward planning in highly competitive local markets. This report is delivered with CSV files for further analysis, and also has a progression summary page.

  • Monthly Key Statistics Report
  • Annual Progression Report
  • Annual Destination Data Map
  • Annual Competitor Report – directly compare your centre against a group of five or more competitors, which you define. You can order two competitor reports, to understand any variations in where you sit between two groups. (e.g. local rankings against national rankings).

Please note that the progression report, the destination data map, and the competitor report will be available at the end of the cycle.

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