All the information and resources you need to start using our new adviser portal.

The wait is over, and our adviser portal is now live!

Here’s everything you need to know to get started…

Register and sign in

This year, we won’t be providing usernames and passwords to sign in. Instead, the first time you access your account, you’ll need to register and activate it.

If you are the UCAS correspondent for your centre, you can register and sign in to your account now. If you are a staff member, your centre’s UCAS correspondent needs to set up your account and permissions first.

How to register

  1. Register now
    Use Google Chrome or Firefox, if you can.
  2. Fill in your details 
    Make sure you register with the email address we hold for you, or your UCAS correspondent has used to set up your account. Your email address is used to link you to your relevant centre and permissions, so it’s important they match. It’s also important you use an email address which only you have access to – not a generic school one.
  3. Verify your account 
    You’ll get an email from, asking you to activate it – click the ‘Activate account’ link. If you don’t see the email within five minutes, check your spam or junk folder. If you haven’t received it, add the email address is was sent from ( to your safe senders list, and ask your IT team to whitelist it.

Please note – if you registered for our test environment, you still need to register for the live service.

How to sign in

Once you’ve registered and activated your account, you can sign in to the adviser portal at any time:

  1. Use the ‘Sign in’ button on the homepage.
  2. Click the ‘Sign in’ icon in the top right-hand of any page on, and select ‘Advisers / Agents’.

Having trouble registering or signing in? Take a look at our adviser portal guide (5.41 MB), or watch our step-by-step video below.

How to register and sign in to the adviser portal
A step-by-step guide.

Set up checklist for UCAS correspondents

If you are the UCAS correspondent for your registered centre, you are responsible for completing the set up of your centre’s details in the adviser portal. You’ll need to do this ahead of Apply 2020 going live on 21 May, and before you can start linking to your applicants.

To help you make sure your centre is ready, we’ve pulled together a quick checklist of what you need to do:

  1. Register an account with
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Sign in using the email and password you’ve registered with.
  4. Go the ‘Adviser’ tab on your dashboard.
  5. Click ‘Centre management’ and complete the initial set up set up wizard:
    • confirm centre details
    • set buzzword
    • set application fee payment option
  6. Go back to your dashboard and click on ‘Staff management’ to
    • add staff
    • add their permissions
  7. Go back to your dashboard and click on ‘Centre management’ to:
    • add group names
    • add staff to groups
    • add the referee details
    • add your qualifications shortlist
  8. Contact the staff you have set up to:
    • ask them to individually register an account with UCAS
    • verify their email address
    • sign in using the email address and password they registered with
Top tip: To help you complete your set up checklist, it’s a good idea to set up one or two of your staff members with all permissions straightaway. They can then help you complete any actions required.

 Details on how to complete the above can be found in our  Adviser portal user guide (5.41 MB)

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