All our commercial marketing and data products

Explore all the products and services we offer for commercial organisations. They're designed to help you reach students who are looking for the provisions they'll need to make the most of student life.

Promote your offers and accommodation

The student market has a lot of spending power and students need a range of items to prepare them for university life. And a place to live!

Share your offers to an engaged audience. Build brand loyalty from the beginning.

Build brand awareness and reach the student market

Use the UCAS channels that students trust to showcase your brand. Build affinity during the big moments – the decisions that shape their futures. Be front of mind when they purchase everything they need to prepare them for student life.

Understand student behaviours and purchasing habits

A range of data and insight products to tailor your marketing activity to student wants and needs. 

We're experts in student marketing. Use our knowhow to target the students you want to reach.

Verify the latest students and university course listings

Gain timely knowledge from our unrivalled data. 

Verify student identities and purchase the latest course listings to accurately display information to your customers.

Campaigns – specific channels

Explore our channels in detail – we run bespoke campaigns on single platforms where you have a specific need or purpose.