Prove you’re helping to prevent bank fraud with applicant status checks powered by our unrivalled data.

Confirm genuine applicants with ease

With DIDS you can check a UCAS applicant's status online without needing them to come into a branch or supply physical evidence of their place at university or college. While not an identity checking service, this provides a simple, barrier-free solution to status verification.

All domestic students apply to undergraduate higher education in the UK through UCAS – we get 700,000 students a year and verify their application status

Use a trusted, unrivalled source of applicant data

As the gateway to undergraduate higher education in the UK, UCAS is trusted by students to connect them to their futures, and connect them with relevant organisations throughout their student journey.

  • 100% of UCAS applicants' statuses can be checked
  • ensure only genuine applicants receive the service you're offering
  • receive real-time, automatic confirmation so you can continue with their application efficiently

UCAS is the number one source for finding different universities and courses. 85% of students cited UCAS, even ahead of Google at 68%

Student Room insight – experiences of 2022 entry students

Integrate verification into applications to higher education

  1. During their UCAS application process, applicants are automatically provided with two codes.
  2. At this point they also provide consent for banks to check their status.
  3. They input these codes remotely to prove their eligibility for a student bank account.
  4. Banks then verify these codes with UCAS to ensure they’re genuine applicants.
  5. You'll receive the data by API – real-time access to an applicant's status.

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