With UCAS you can connect with your next generation of customers

Position yourself as a brand of choice

At UCAS we've got access to one of the UK's largest and most responsive youth audiences - with more than one million young people depending on us to explore their options.

That means we're perfectly positioned to help you supercharge awareness of your brand with Gen Z and start making a connection potential future shoppers

Working with UCAS your organisation can harness the power of our unrivalled data and insights and trusted brand and to showcase your brand, products and services to a highly engaged audience as they explore their future opportunities during National Apprenticeship Week - taking place between between Monday 5 February and Sunday 11 February 2024

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Reach young people when they're on UCAS.com

During National Apprenticeship Week 2024, take advantage of an increase in traffic to UCAS.com as young people explore the opportunities available to them. Make sure your brand is front of centre on our website, ready to be discovered by Gen Z shoppers.

In addition, UCAS can offer your brand unrivalled access to highly verified data, composed of students who have a huge amount of trust in our brand - with more students trusting UCAS with their private data than their high street bank.

What is UCAS doing for National Apprenticeship Week 2024?

  • Sharing advice, information and content about apprenticeships on UCAS.com, when high volumes of traffic are expected on the website
  • Dedicated emails across the week, sent to hundreds of thousands of students and their advisers
  • Delivering an extensive social media campaign, keeping the conversation with UCAS' thousands of followers and driving traffic to UCAS.com
  • HUB live sessions featuring employers and current apprentices, providing a real-life insight into apprenticeships

How can your brand utilise UCAS marketing services?

From the wide reach of display advertising on UCAS.com, to hyper targeted email sends, you can leverage the power and trust of the UCAS brand during National Apprenticeship Week - and beyond - to help achieve your organisation's strategic goals.  

  1. Reach them on the web with UCAS.com

    Engage with young people on ucas.com at key moments in their decision-making process
  2. Land directly in their inbox with email

    Get your message into student inboxes, reliably and consistently, via our trusted email campaigns
  3. Meet them face-to-face at our events

    Exhibit your brand and meet future customers in person with UCAS' broad calendar of events
  4. Get your message in front of them with paid media

    Reach Gen Z on the platforms they use the most, with UCAS' paid media options


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