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Every year over a million students and young people connect with UCAS to explore their future options. We're focusing on the far-reaching choices they can make now – and how we help employers and potential applicants to find each other.

Trusted and uniquely placed to support the next generation

Making learning and careers choices is far from easy, but as the most recognised brand in the education sector, UCAS' role is to make those choices clearer. As a charity, we're completely neutral and unbiased – we only focus on optimum outcomes for students.
UCAS is more visited for educational resources than Google
Our positive reputation among young people places us on a par with the NHS, and ahead of the BBC
More students would trust UCAS with their private data than their high street bank

More students than ever are interested in apprenticeships

Nearly 50% are interested in apprenticeships

Of all students who set up a UCAS account in 2022, nearly 50% said they'd be interested in an apprenticeship. That's up 123% on the previous year.

Many believe there could be more apprentices through UCAS

If the UCAS website held information on all the apprenticeship options, 57% of students believe the number of people taking apprenticeships would increase.

In 2022 we hit 2.2m searches for apprenticeships on our Career Finder

Young people can find information and tools to help them better understand apprenticeships – and to consider their options, find opportunities and apply to them.


How we can help students and employers

With such an exponential growth in students who are interested in apprenticeships, we're here to help them to navigate the complexity of finding and securing an apprenticeship.

That includes supporting employers to find the best possible applicants for their apprenticeships – from posting vacancies and creating an employer profile, to precisely targeting potential candidates and raising awareness through the UCAS ecosystem.

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With unique access to over 2 million applicants, current students and graduates, we’re uniquely positioned to help you connect with the next generation.


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