Sky collaborates with UCAS to showcase apprenticeship opportunities

Media and entertainment company, Sky, have collaborated with UCAS to promote their apprenticeship vacancies to young people researching their future options.

Case Study: Sky

Industry: Media / Telecommunications

Products/services used: UCAS Career Finder, Employer Profile

Ambitions: To present its apprenticeship programme as a viable alternative to university for young people as they’re considering their future options. Sky want make students aware of the apprenticeship programme they offer, including on-the-job learning, and the opportunity to get a qualification for free.

Liam Bradshaw-Shallow, Early Careers Attraction Coordinator, Sky

"Having access to a pool of over a million students is amazing in any sort of recruitment situation. But then to know that over half of them, or around half of them, are interested in apprenticeships is also great. I think it's quite difficult to find that many people, in one place, that are all interested in apprenticeships - so it's a great opportunity for us."

Sky wanted to showcase apprenticeship opportunities

School leavers unaware of apprenticeship opportunities

When recruiting apprentices, one of the key challenges Sky identiifed was the availibility of information to potential candidates around apprenticeship opportunities. For young people preparing to leave school, exploring future opportunities, information about university is often readily available, whilst information around apprenticeships can be more challenging to obtain. 

Reaching potential candidates as they explore their future options

Sky's Employer Profile page enables them to share exciting content with potential candidates - including case studies, videos, and virtual tours of the Sky Campus. By utilising the reach of Employer Profiles, employers can showcase their organisation to over 60M visitors each year. With UCAS Career Finder, Sky is advertising their apprenticeship vacancies alongside university courses on

Sam, Technical Marketing Apprentice, Sky

"I think UCAS having a one-stop-shop for apprenticeships, with links where to apply and having all the information, would be a really a good idea. When I was researching, I was going from website to website, I didn't really have a centralised placed (to research apprenticeship opportunities)"

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