Recruit new talent

We’ll share your vacancies directly with the world’s biggest talent pool of students and graduates. Our dedicated jobs board and precision-targeting campaigns enable employers to advertise and connect to innovative candidates who'd love to work for you.

Tap into the best new talent

We have the know-how, the data and the channels to help you reach the right audience, at the right time in the right place. From apprenticeships and graduate roles to work placements and internships, we can help you connect with the UK’s hottest new talent.

Fill your vacancies with ease

Advertise your vacancies to over 70,000 young people actively searching for employment opportunities on our apprenticeship and graduate job search – our dedicated jobs board. Multimedia profiles will bring your vacancies to life, helping you to attract tech-savvy talent to give your business that competitive edge.

Reach specific employee segments

We can market your vacancies at the key stages in the student journey, placing you in front of your target audience at the right time for them. Through our targeted campaigns including over 200 audience filters, you can engage those with specific demographics, skillsets and more.
What our partners say

“UCAS has allowed us to adopt a data-centric and targeted approach to our early careers’ recruitment and attraction. The platform enables us to engage with relevant students with a host of different targeting tools and metrics. This has been fundamental with our recruitment marketing campaigns over the last 18 months.” 

Adam Turberfield Recruitment Marketing Lead | Graduate and Apprentice CapGemini

Tap into the graduate market

You might be surprised to discover that 88% of final-year undergraduate students haven't yet secured a graduate role before leaving university (UCAS Careers Survey, 2021). They’re ambitious, enterprising and digitally savvy a brilliant audience to showcase your graduate roles and schemes to. 
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Discover your perfect new recruits

Let us connect your newest vacancies to brilliant minds.

  • Internships and work placements – access over 1,000,000 university students to fill work placement and internship roles.
  • Graduates – tap into our services and expertise to recruit talent from a pool of over 500,000 graduates. 
  • Influencers – reach over 23,000 parents, careers advisers and teachers, all advising on career decisions.

Did you know?

52% of university applicants are also interested in doing an apprenticeship. That’s risen by an impressive 42% over the past four years*.  Discover how we can support your apprenticeship schemes to reach this audience, increasing your opportunities to connect with and recruit talented apprentices.

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* UCAS pre-applicant data, May 2022

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An engaged audience

Actively searching for the career that’s right for them, students are highly engaged with the relevant communications we send on behalf of our partners.

  • Up to an impressive 80% email open rate 
  • Over 7,800,000 unique email opens 
  • Over 400,000 unique email and display ad clicks 

Figures are from 2021 campaigns and student journey emails.