Antoine Noel – UCAS Undergraduate (international)

Antoine is French and is in his third year studying Computer Systems and Networks at Edinburgh Napier University.

Why did you choose to study Computer Systems and Networks?

I was studying an equivalent of an HND in France in this domain. I wanted to specialise more and to go further; that was the logical next step.

What made you want to study in the UK

I wanted to go abroad, to discover a new culture, to see new working and learning styles. English is a key requirement for many jobs. Also, the English university education has a good reputation all over the world.

What was your biggest worry about starting university as an international student?

The language: to study and live on an everyday basis in another language than your mother tongue.

What is the best thing about studying in the UK?

Our lecturer is very passionate and dedicated, and has a desire to widen our horizons.

How are you finding living away from home?

New technology makes things easy, and there are cheap flights home too, which enables family and friends to come by.

How easy/difficult was it for you get financial support to help with study costs?

Luckily, I am studying in Scotland, so I don't have to pay my university fees thanks to SAAS. Living expenses are more important than in France, and it seems easier to get a part-time job.

Do you have any advice for other international students who might want to study in the UK?

Yes, come here!

More seriously, you will find plenty of help to get the information you need; with UCAS, with the university you are going to, and with government websites.