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Amanda's apprenticeship experience

Tuesday 11 June 2019, UCAS advice


Amanda's apprenticeship experience

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“I started my journey as an 18 year old girl who had just completed her A levels but didn’t know what she wanted to do. At the time, I had two part-time jobs and had been studying IT and media. I found out about apprenticeships through school and looked further into them. I applied for tonnes of apprenticeships in IT as I thought this was the career path I wanted to take, but never heard back. By this time I had no idea what I was going to do and if I would ever find an apprenticeship. I thought I would try looking for a media apprenticeship and found one with a local company. I applied and got an interview, and afterwards I remember thinking ‘well I’m not going to get that job, better get home and apply for others’. There was actually nothing to worry about as I had been invited back for a second interview and eventually got the apprenticeship, wooo!

I enrolled on a level three Creative and Digital Media Apprenticeship with Resource Productions and from there it’s been non-stop! I carried out my apprenticeship and spent a whole week at college every two to three months, so when I wasn’t at college, I was able to focus on my work. In the year of my first apprenticeship, I learnt so many things. I got first aid trained, trained to be an ASDAN and Arts Award adviser, and went on a residential with 60 young people aged 16-17 – it was challenging to say the least! These are only a few things I did in my first year at Resource and trust me, there are a lot more.

Once I completed my apprenticeship, I was offered full-time employment by Resource Productions while they looked into a level four apprenticeship that matched my job role. In May last year, I enrolled on my second apprenticeship in level four Marketing and Communications. I have the same responsibilities as my last apprenticeship plus a lot more. For example, I get to create all the graphics and marketing for the company, which is something I love and want to pursue a career in. This is where I am currently and I will finish my apprenticeship in May.”
We’ll be hearing back from Amanda when she completes her level four apprenticeship later in the year. Best of luck Amanda!