Dealing with Stress - How to stay motivated?

Wednesday 27 March 2019, First year

by Sophie Gibbons

Dealing with Stress - How to stay motivated?

Sophie Gibbons

The end of another chapter is gradually coming to an end where everyone will soon be sitting exams, completing a final major project with the aim of leaving College or Sixth Form with grades that can get you into the university or apprenticeship of your choice!

So now it’s coming up to this time it’s important to remind yourself daily of what your main goal is, because otherwise I usually find myself getting distracted and demotivated which isn’t good especially with this being such an important time. Setting yourself goals and reminding yourself of these goals will push you to strive harder, revise longer and maybe make you read over that essay just one more time before the hand in day!

Setting yourself goals is also a great reminder that all this handful of emotions you are feeling now; stress, anxious, worried- will all be worth it in the end, for example when you finally find out you’ve achieved your AAB and get into Southampton University. You can look back and not have no regrets, and think I done that, all that hard work was worth it!

Also what I have found is a good way to deal with stress is to reward yourself, this doesn’t mean every time you revise buy a new pair of trainers hahah, this means that for example when you have had a long week at college revising every day, attending lessons, completing coursework: in general you just know you have had a successful week, and you personally feel proud- don’t feel guilty for doing absolutely no work at the weekend… Everyone needs a break, and the weekend is a good time to do that. Rejuvenate yourself at the weekend - get a takeaway, go out or even have a Netflix binge! Do whatever you want so you can relax and take a break from the stress that you probably feel it hitting you from all different directions at the moment because you deserve it.

Like I previously spoke about in my first blog, having self-faith and hope is so important! Instead of asking yourself “What have I done wrong?” ask yourself “Okay that happened, what can I do to improve?” Especially at a time like this, self-improvement is so important; you need to remind yourself of what is going well, because the main part of this transition from college to university or Sixth Form to an apprenticeship is being personally happy with what you have achieved…

Good luck,

Sophie x