Getting to know your new town or city

Monday 3 June 2019, First year

by Swansea University

Getting to know your new town or city

Swansea University
Before you arrive

You may have already visited your new university city, perhaps for an open day or interview, but if you haven’t, you definitely should before you make move there. The thought of starting university can often be daunting, so by familiarising yourself with the area, you’ll already feel more at ease.

If you’re unable to visit before you move, don’t worry! That’s what we have the internet for. You can spend your summer doing some online research, and scout out the best places to visit with your new friends. Read blogs of previous/current students, and use review websites to find the best cafes, restaurants, and things to do around your new home.

When you’ve arrived

After you’ve moved in, not only will you be getting to know the area, but you’ll also have new friends, and a new way of living and studying to adapt to. Become an expert in your new city by setting aside some time to explore. There will definitely be some ‘must sees’, and university is a new way of living.

It’s not just about studying, so it’s important to embrace the local culture, and get to know the place you will call home for the next few years. Despite the urge to visit your favourite chains like Starbucks, make sure to hit up local hot spots, and support the community you are living in. One thing you could do with your flatmates is a create a university bucket list, write down all the things you would like to do while you’re in the city, and do them together!

After you’ve settled in, it’s important to register with your university health centre and dental surgery – you never know when you may need it!