How I’m keeping on top of my teacher training workload

Tuesday 6 November 2018, Teacher Training

by Livy

How I’m keeping on top of my teacher training workload


My journey applying for teacher training was a long and bumpy one. I had constant doubts in my confidence and the feeling that it was never the right time.  I have two young children and the prospect of balancing my priorities at home and my personal life, alongside the consuming desire to teach, filled me with both fear and excitement. I was daunted and questioned how I would be able to cope. 

I’m only three weeks in and I guess there are a lot of hurdles to come and the workload is going to increase, in addition with responsibility of starting to teach and be accountable for my lessons.

Working efficiently

Early on, I decided that if it was going to work, with my demanding family life, there would be no room for time wasting – I had to work efficiently. I have set up a framework which prioritises what needs doing immediately, what can wait till the weekend and the general workload that requires a long-term strategy. I set parameters so when I am in ‘mummy mode’ I try hard to not get distracted in something to do with teacher training. I am learning to structure my time and when I am not studying or preparing for school, to try and have a break and my break is being with my children. Having a bit of distance and perspective allows me to return to work more objectively. 

Staying in control

Rome wasn’t built in a day and my aim is to try and stay on top of things, so I don’t waste time feeling flustered and working out what I need to do. Post-it notes are my new best friend, but a clear list of priorities and keeping on top of things so far has kept the lid on feeling that everything is out of control and has allowed me to not feel guilty when I’m with my family.

If you are thinking of applying then go for it, there will probably never be a right time. However, if you don’t go for it, the regret could last a life time.