How I’m making the most of my summer

Tuesday 6 November 2018, Applicant

by Romana

How I’m making the most of my summer

Now that the academic year has ended for many of us, we have a long summer ahead. I for one have been looking forward to this particularly long summer break between Sixth Form and uni for a LONG  time. The last thing I want to do is waste it, knowing that if I do, I’ll no doubt regret missing an opportunity for all the things I was dying to do earlier in the year when I was drowning in revision! I’m already a few weeks in, and beginning to feel myself slip into a habit of doing next to nothing with my time, so here’s how I’m planning the rest of my break:

It sounds stupid, but organising myself is the only way I can ensure that I actually achieve something before September. I’m a sucker for listing, so I’ve made a looonnnggg list of all the things I want to get done before I go to uni, some of which will no doubt help me with the whole ‘living away from home’ situation.

Some are small things, achievable in a number of hours or even less: get rid of old school things; get another ear piercing; buy impressive stationary that will make me want to work harder at uni; find a good recipe for macaroni cheese.

Others are bigger and probably need additional thought: go on holiday with friends (already ticked off!); go to a festival; have a shopping spree in a book shop; see The Incredibles 2 at least 76 times in the cinema.

Perhaps most importantly, some are free (or ‘free’): have a vlog marathon (ticked – I’m still tired); have a rom-com marathon; walk a few miles for no reason at all; draw something; read all those books I’m going to buy; bounce on the trampoline I’ve neglected for the past two years.

And suddenly, I find myself extremely busy this summer. With my beloved list (only a snippet of which I’ve shared with you here), I have tons of things to do and still plenty of time. Faith in my summer has been restored.

Enjoy your summer, everyone!