My first few weeks at uni

Friday 18 September 2020, First year

by Aimee

My first few weeks at uni

Imagine this - someone turns to you and says ‘I can help make your dreams come true’.
‘Okay?’ You respond. Curious as to how this will work.
‘It’s simple.’ They begin to explain. ‘All you have to do is experience 2 years of stress to meet our standards, then be placed in a house with a group of strangers. You will then live with them, cook with them, clean with them and party with them for a year. I can guarantee this will be the best time of your life.’
Well that is pretty much the first few weeks of university. You have the opportunity to have your dream job by completing the degree you need but to do so, you move away from home, live with a group of strangers (who will become some of your closest friends) and party a lot. But yes, without a doubt, these have been two of the best weeks of my life.
At first it was very daunting, I came into my accommodation and the girl in the room opposite me was still unpacking with her mum. I said an awkward hello and introduced myself. This occurred every time I met a new flat mate but with each new flat mate, I got more and more excited because I realised I have the best people in my flat. What you have to remember in a time like this is that you are all in the same situation and you are most probably all just as nervous as each other.
One particularly odd bit of university for me during the first few weeks has definitely been the independence. How do I work this washing machine? How long does it take to cook this pasta? Since Ive started university I have successfully burnt toast, pasta, cookies, all sorts; I have put a load of washing on without the detergent in and I have locked myself out of my flat but hey, its all a learning curve! Its a fun experience really because I can guarantee that there are hundreds of Freshers who have done all of those things too!
Another amazing part of university for me has been the friends that I have already made. You are meeting so many new people all the time at university from people in your flat/block to those in your lectures or clubs. Make the most of meeting these new people and chat to as many people as you can because it is a great feeling.
Overall my first few weeks of university have been a bit of a rollercoaster. I have had some lower points where Ive found it fairly tough but the good points have completely and utterly outweighed these.
A x

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