'There really is something for everyone to be in interested in'

Wednesday 18 March 2020, UCAS advice


'There really is something for everyone to be in interested in'


I first became passionate about geography during my GCSEs. I loved learning about the practical things which affected my everyday life and how they were somehow all linked, in some way, to geography – such as traffic management and urbanisation.

Being able to look at a process occurring in the real world and linking it with a geographical process allowed me to make sense of, and look at, things more logically. But I also enjoyed the human aspects of geography – and I think that highlights just how diverse a subject it is. There really is something for everyone to be in interested in.

Since starting my course, geography has crossed disciplines several times – entering the realms of biology, chemistry, physics, sociology, psychology, and politics multiple times (and often in the same lecture). I think anyone looking to study geography will be surprised by just how all-encompassing geography is, and how often it tries to break down the rigid faculties most other subjects have.

In the future, I hope to spend time working on climate management, to make a tangible difference in our ever-changing world. My degree will allow me to understand the different dynamics of climate change, on different scales, and at both human and physical levels.

I would encourage anyone who is really struggling to find a subject they love, but who is willing to have an open mind, and wishes to learn about lots of different topics, to consider geography as an option. It isn’t something you’ll regret.