What’s it like to work in Central London after you graduate?

Wednesday 14 August 2019, UCAS advice

by Ella Hendrix

What’s it like to work in Central London after you graduate?

Ella Hendrix

One of the best things about London is that there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to work in a creative industry, technology, finance, or hospitality, London has so much to offer – and that’s just work. Despite the uncertainty which smothers the country over Brexit, the truth is that London is probably one of the British cities which is most equipped to deal with it.

London has great job prospects for graduates across various sectors, and with a range of preferences, a diverse and active nightlife, it has something for everyone. And perhaps most excitingly, it’s continuously evolving.

It is no surprise then, that the prospect of working in central London is a tempting one – especially for graduates, and even more so for young people. People come from all over the world to live and work in London, trying to live the dream – but what is it really like?

Industry hubs
Regardless of which industry you work in, you’ll find a hub in London. This means that networking is thriving, and we can see these industries growing in strength and influence around the world.
Shoreditch and Old Street provide the backdrop to London’s boundary-pushing tech industry. The Square Mile and Canary Wharf live and breathe finance. Camden and Islington house the capital’s world-famous creative industries, and having office space in Soho will place you right at the heart of London’s creative and media neighbourhood.

Whatever industry you work in, by basing yourself in one of these hubs you can be sure to meet like-minded people who are also looking to catapult their career forward and make a difference in their industry.

A launchpad
Regardless of whether you want to work in a large and well established or smaller, newer business, London’s work options offer you the perfect place to launch your career. London hosts some of the world’s largest companies, giving you the chance to learn from the experts, climb the ladder, and take advantage of national and international work options. Multi-national companies such as Google, Unilever, Amazon, Bloomberg, and GlaxoSmithKline are all housed in London.

Smaller businesses could be younger businesses, or they could be specifically designed to not grow too big. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t benefits to working in a smaller business. It might offer you the chance to get into more senior roles quicker, and enjoy all the benefits that will bring.

The good thing about working in London is that there is a workplace to suit all preferences.

A ‘young’ city
Although London has a strong and important history, with buildings and personalities that have shaped the history of the world, it is a very young city in terms of age groups. According to Trust for London, 24% of inner London’s population is between the ages of 25 and 34. This is reflected in its culture, which is heavily geared to younger people of all kinds. 

Whether it is open-mindedness, forward-thinking, the embracing of technology, emergence of trends, or constant thirst for innovation, London has some of the world’s best brains behind its unique and booming industries.

Extra-curricular fun
Life isn’t just about work, and life in London certainly isn’t just all about work! Of course, there is plenty of time for networking, but also relaxing, enjoying yourself, and having new experiences. You can enjoy the more traditional London past times, such as going to a football match, watching live music, walking in one of London’s plethora of parks, visiting a museum, shopping, or taking advantage of London’s flourishing restaurant scene.

There are also numerous new experiences to have, from learning how to dance salsa, visiting a secret hidden bar in Shoreditch, taking part in Brazilian drumming, or trying out trapeze artistry. Or maybe you want to join a knitting club, a choir for those who can’t sing, play netball, or debate the latest movements in politics. 

The point is, that there is extra-curricular fun for everyone, regardless of your taste. There is plenty of scope to do something new, meet new friends, and try something different.