Everything you and your child needs to know is explained step-by-step, but here we’ll highlight the most important things to consider.
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How it all works

Getting started explains the various things your child needs to know:

  • firstly deciding what type of undergraduate or postgraduate conservatoire course to study
  • the main application deadlines are in October and January, depending on the course
  • up to six courses can be chosen, to increase the chance of getting a place

Find a course to see in-depth information is listed about conservatoire courses:

  • how to choose between similar courses and conservatoires
  • what the entry requirements and course fees are for each course
  • when the application deadline is for each course

Apply and Track explains how to complete an application and how to track its progress:

  • what information will need to be provided
  • how to write a personal statement
  • how to respond to offers and exam results

Finance and support explores student finance and any individual needs applicants have:

  • how to apply to the government for a student loan
  • what further financial support is available
  • support on campus and accessibility

Where to find everything you need

  • Undergraduate is where your child could apply for undergraduate university and college courses, while UCAS Teacher Training and UCAS Postgraduate are both postgraduate level applications.
  • Your child may be interested in these at some point, but please ensure they submit an application in the UCAS Conservatoires area of the website, as they’re all different systems.

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