Track your UCAS Conservatoires application

When your completed application reaches us, you can track its progress by signing in to your UCAS Hub. Here’s what happens to it and how to track it.

First we'll process it

If we need to query anything, we'll contact you.

Then it's sent to the conservatoires

  • Once your application is processed, conservatoires can access it online.
  • They can see your whole application, including which other conservatoires you've applied to.

We'll send you a welcome email

This contains your Personal ID and your list of choices. Please check the information carefully and let us know immediately if anything is incorrect.

Sign in to view updates

Whenever there's an update, we'll email the address you supplied in your application.

Invitations for assessments and auditions are sent by conservatoires

  • You will normally need to demonstrate your practical ability at an assessment before a conservatoire can make a decision.
  • If you're a performer, you'll be invited to give a live audition at the conservatoire. In some cases, you can send a recording or video.
  • If you're a composer, you'll be invited to send a portfolio of your work. In some cases, you will be invited for an interview.
  • Some conservatoires have assessment centres in other countries for international applicants.
  • Decisions are displayed as soon as we receive them. We’ll email you whenever there’s an update to your application

Then afterwards...

After we've sent your application to the conservatoires you've chosen to apply to, it might feel like a long wait before you hear about assessments and decisions. But don't worry – the conservatoires will be working hard to consider all the applications they receive. In the meantime, you can prepare yourself for the next phase...