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Decisions on your UCAS Conservatoires application

Find out more about the different decisions conservatoires can make and what they mean.
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The decisions conservatoires can make

The conservatoires are responsible for making these decisions and are given a deadline to make a decision about your application – as soon as there’s an update we’ll let you know. As such, offers are only official once you’ve received an email from us.

  • Audition pending (AP) – an invitation to audition, including the date, time and payment.
  • Guaranteed unconditional (GU) – a binding offer that confirms you’ve met the entry requirements.
  • Guaranteed conditional (GC) – an offer that’s guaranteed if you meet certain conditions – usually exam results.
  • Reserve unconditional (VU) – confirming you’ve met the entry requirements and placing you on the reserve list – for a guaranteed place, you need to accept the offer and wait to see if a place becomes available (see below for more info).
  • Reserve conditional (VC) – a place on the reserve list if you meet certain conditions – for a guaranteed place you need to accept the offer, meet the conditions set and wait to see if a place becomes available (see below for more info).
  • Unsuccessful (R) – you haven’t been offered a place.
  • Withdrawal (W) – this is recorded on your application if you withdraw from a particular conservatoire.

What is a reserve offer?

A reserve offer (VC or VU) does not mean a place has been 'reserved' for you. Until you receive and accept a guaranteed offer (GC or GU), you have not been accepted to study at that conservatoire.

If you've received a reserve offer, it means the conservatoire making the offer is not able to offer you a guaranteed place at the time of making their decision. This is usually because they have already made (or expect to make) enough guaranteed offers to fill the spaces on your chosen course or specialist area. A reserve offer indicates that the conservatoire would like the chance to review its offer to you in light of acceptances/declines to the guaranteed offers it has made.

However, a reserve offer is not a rejection. You'll become part of a pool of reserve candidates, from which the conservatoire may choose to make you a guaranteed offer if a suitable place becomes available. If the conservatoire chooses not to make you a guaranteed offer, you will not be able to enrol at that conservatoire.

If you have been given a reserve offer, you need to accept it in order to be considered for a guaranteed place.

A conservatoire can make you a guaranteed offer to replace your reserve offer at any time during the application cycle. Reserve offers remain active until after A level results have been issued in August. However, the decision to wait and see if a guaranteed place becomes available, or to accept an offer at another conservatoire, is entirely up to you.

Your consumer rights

You should have received specific information from your chosen conservatoires to help you make an informed decision. They're required to make this available to you under consumer protection legislation – find out about the information you should receive.

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