Making changes to your UCAS Conservatoires application

You may need to make changes to your UCAS Conservatoires application. Here, we'll explain what you need to do.
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Your details

You can change your address and phone number in Track (or if you prefer, you can call us).
  • We'll let your conservatoire know too, but it's best to also let them know yourself as soon as possible.
  • Make sure you get your post redirected too, and if you're using a different address during term time, remember to change your address to your home/new address in the holidays.
You can change your email address in Track too.
  • We'll email you at the new address with a verification code – enter this in Track to confirm it's the right email address. (We can't change email addresses over the phone as it would negate the verification process.)
  • As well as emails letting you know there's an update to your application, this email address is also where you can get info on courses, discounts and offers etc – you can opt in or out of these in the Personal details section of Track.

Nominated access

If you're likely to be away at any time during the application period, you may want to nominate someone who can make decisions on your behalf and discuss your application with us and the conservatoires you're applying to, e.g. a parent, other relative or guardian. If you didn’t nominate someone when you filled in your application but now wish to do so, please call us.

Course, year or point of entry

If you want to change your course, defer for a year, or change the point of entry, contact your chosen conservatoire. If they agree to any changes, they’ll inform us. 

Exams and courses 

Let us, and each conservatoire you’ve applied to, know as soon as possible if your exam subjects, awarding or examining board, centre number or any other details change.

Accident, illness or personal problems that affect your exam results

  • If you suffer an accident, illness or a personal problem that could affect your results, contact each conservatoire to explain. Please include a supporting letter from your school or other authority and, in medical cases, from your doctor.
  • Send details as soon as possible after the problem has arisen. Don't wait until you have your exam results.

Cancelling a choice

  • You can withdraw from a choice, provided there is no decision for it other than 'Audition pending' – please contact us to do this. This is not the same as withdrawing your entire application.

Cancelling your application

  • If you've changed your mind about applying, you can cancel your application and request a refund within 14 days. The easiest way to do this is to call us. If you can't call us, download, complete and return our  UCAS Conservatoires cancellation form .
  • Unless you withdraw within 14 days, you cannot re-apply in this cycle. You need to wait until the next admission cycle before submitting another application.
  • Cancelling your application is not the same as cancelling a choice (see above).

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