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UCAS Conservatoires End of Cycle Report 2015 

Our 2015 UCAS Conservatoires End of Cycle Report provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the UCAS Conservatoires admissions scheme.

UCAS Conservatoires 2015 End of Cycle data resources

Our UCAS Conservatoires data resources cover key statistics (applications, applicants, and acceptances) by selected variables such as age, domicile, and sex. They are available in both .pdf and .csv formats.

A number of these reports are revised versions, issued on 22 February 2017. Revisions have been made to some of the applicant and acceptance figures by domicile.

UCAS Conservatoires End of Cycle Report 2014

CUKAS Annual Reports

CUKAS Annual Report 2013 (321.88 KB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2012 (571.94 KB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2011 (1.09 MB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2010 (716.19 KB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2009 (681.22 KB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2008 (684.23 KB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2007 (761.16 KB)

CUKAS Annual Report 2006 (1.3 MB)

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