Brand & Spend

Kicking off with a bang! The Brand & Spend chapter is always a big deal, diving into what really drives student decision making when it comes to parting with their cash. This year, there’s been a lot more movement than usual, and we’ve even seen some of the trends, if not quite bucked, bruised.

Top brands

Here is some very interesting movement. Not much change at the top, but a year of remote working has clearly made an impact on brand awareness for some of the big names in tech.

Movers and shakers

Now here’s where it gets interesting. There are some huge leaps here, which can only be attributed to a year spent trying to find alternative ways to keep themselves entertained...

New brands discovered

It’s a big year for fast fashion. They’re dominating new brand discoveries across the board, despite the Gen Z conscious consumer paradox. Curious? 


Interpreting student behaviour in a global pandemic - Dr Katie Bell

The twelve months have painted a far more moving picture than any previous period. They have shone a light onto the resilience of young minds, onto the stoicism of their ethics, and their commitment to change.

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