Social Media

It’s quite the predicament isn’t it? We’ve all relied on social media more this past year, but we’ve had less to post about than we ever have before. There’s only so many banana bread attempts your friends can stand to see. Our new behaviours, and new world trends, have all made this a strange year of ups and downs for social media, so let’s have a closer look.


Five years is a huge amount of time when it comes to internet trends. So, since we started asking students about their social media habits in 2015, what’s changed?


If, for some preposterous reason, you were forced to pick just one social media channel to live with forever, which would it be


Influence is a commodity, knowing who commands it is a necessity,  

and it’s all changed in the past 12 months.

Response Weighted Number Weighted Proportion
Yes many times 33,090 6.1%
Yes a handful of times 88,940 16.3%
Yes once 91,370 16.3%
No 331,360 60.8%


Response Weighted Number Weighted Proportion
A celebrity influencer 74,600 13,7%
A non-celebrity influencer 154,760 28.3%
Neither 316,620 58.0%


12 months of social distancing, a year of distant social

Whilst 2020 proved to be a challenging year for us all, where would be without social media. What’s changed in the last year?

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