Below are links to the statistical releases for UCAS Conservatoires.

You can also access data through Provider EXACT Record Supplies (PERS), which is a data service that gives UCAS Conservatoires their underlying data from EXACT as a computer readable file, free of charge.  

Access to this raw data allows you to understand your position at the end of the application cycle, benchmark, and analyse year-on-year trends. Files contain one record for each application and acceptance at the provider, and are in CSV format. 

The list of variables included are below:  

We can also provide further data through EXACT to help you solve tactical, strategic, planning or research challenges – find out more about EXACT.  

UCAS Conservatoires applicant releases for 2023 cycle 

View 25 January deadline analysis

View 3 October deadline analysis

UCAS Conservatoires applicant releases for 2022 cycle

View the end of cycle 2022 data resources

View 26 January deadline analysis 

View 1 October deadline analysis

UCAS Conservatoires applicant releases for 2021 cycle 

View the end of cycle 2021 data resources

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