UCAS Undergraduate end of cycle data resources 2022

Our detailed data resources for the end of the 2022 application cycle.


The sector-level end of cycle data resouces cover applicants and applications to courses recruited through UCAS. In Scotland, there is a substantial section of provision, representing around a third of young full-time undergraduate study in Scotland, that is not included in UCAS' figures. For people living in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, UCAS covers the overwhelming majority of full-time undergraduate provision.

In 2015, around 120 courses at providers in Scotland that were previously part of the UCAS Teacher Training scheme, moved into the UCAS Undergraduate scheme. The numbers for providers in Scotland in 2015 and later recorded through the UCAS Undergraduate scheme will include those which were previously part of UCAS Teacher Training - estimated to be around 2,000 acceptances per year, mostly aged 21 or over.

The UCAS Teacher Training scheme closed at the end of the 2021 application cycle. Subsequently, postgraduate teacher training courses at Welsh providers were added to the Undergraduate application scheme from the 2022 application cycle.

Further Information

Technical notes and definitions are available above in the help section of the dashboard.

In the 2021 cycle, some RPAs were mistakenly submitted as domiciled in Portugal, meaning that the true number of Portugal domiciled RPAs is lower than the reported number of Portugal domiciled RPAs for the 2021 cycle.

On 19 June 2023, the following updates were made to the 2022 end of cycle data resources.

CSV file size

Rows which only contain values of zero have been removed from the files, reducing their size significantly.

HECoS subject group data

Data relating to applicants has been removed, owing to a bug introduced when filtering this data by main scheme application. Data relating to accepted applicants, applications and offers has been retained.

Disability and mental health data

Classifications relating to disability and mental health (previously disability) have been amended to align with definitions used in our Next Steps report, which was released in July 2022.

Ethnic group data

Data by detailed ethnic group has been added to the ethnic group data files, as well as the dashboard.

FSM and NPD ethnic group entry rates

These have been amended to better align with those released in previous cycles. For the initial 2022 cycle release, applicants from independent schools had been included in the data, and only applicants for which we are able to calculate a MEM group, which is at odds with the previous methodology.

Conditional unconditional offers data

Some unconditional offers that had been picked up as "Conditional unconditional offers" in the initial release have been reassigned as "Other unconditional" offers.

End of cycle 2022 CSV files (note: these files are large, and will not open properly in Excel):

Download the sector-level end of cycle data resource CSV files (103.43 MB)

Download the provider-level end of cycle data resource, and unconditional offer-making CSV files (139.99 MB)

Download the provider-level sex, area background, and ethnic group CSV files (2.56 MB)


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