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Applicants and acceptances for universities and colleges — 2018

Our detailed data resources are published at the end of each application cycle.

Our provider-level statistics are available in the zip folder below, with most having a time series of 2006 – 2018.

The resources cover applicants and applications to courses in the UK recruited through UCAS. In Scotland, there is a substantial section of provision, representing around a third of young full-time undergraduate study in Scotland, that is not included in UCAS' figures. For people living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, UCAS covers the overwhelming majority of full-time undergraduate provision.

In 2015, around 120 courses at providers in Scotland that were previously part of the UCAS Teacher Training scheme, moved into the UCAS Undergraduate scheme. The numbers for providers in Scotland in 2015 recorded through the UCAS Undergraduate scheme will include those which were previously part of UCAS Teacher Training – estimated to be around 2,000 acceptances, mostly aged 21 or over.

Context notes and definitions for these data resources can be found on the Technical notes page.

Data sets are available as CSV files, aggregated in the .zip folder avilable here:

DR4 2018 Provider data resources zip folder (7.05 MB)

The Word document within the .zip folder contains a detailed contents list for the data resources.

Further provider-level information is available using the links below for the 2018 undergraduate reports on sex, area background, and the reports on unconditional offers.

2018 UCAS Undergraduate reports by sex, area background, and ethnic group

2018 UCAS Undergraduate unconditional offer-making reports

Data explorer

Our applicant data explorer can be used to interactively explore some of the data published in the 2018 data resources.

The data explorer is intended for use on desktop computers with mouse control. It's compatible with the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.


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