2018 UCAS Undergraduate unconditional offer-making provider reports

These data cover unconditional offer-making to 18 year olds from England, Northern Ireland, and Wales.

These reports cover offers made to 18 year old applicants from England, Northern Ireland, and Wales. Most of these applicants will be applying with predicted grades, however some of these applicants may have already obtained qualifications relevant to their application.

In Scotland, there is a substantial provision, representing around a third of young full-time undergraduate study in Scotland, that is not included in UCAS' figures. For people living in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, UCAS covers the overwhelming majority of full-time undergraduate provision.

Analysis on unconditional offer-making at a national level is included in the End of Cycle Report 2018.

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Individual provider reports in PDF format are availabe in the A-Z drop down list below. Individual CSV files are available in the .zip folder:

Individual 2018 provider level unconditional offer-making CSVs (351.04 KB)

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Notes (119.4 KB) are available for these reports and further context notes and definitions for UCAS Undergraduate data are also available on the Technical notes page.