These statistical releases describe applicants and applications from the 2019 UCAS Undergraduate cycle at the 15 January deadline.

This release includes reports in the same format as previous cycles, covering different characteristics of applicants (including domicile, age, and sex) and provision type (including country of provider and subject). We’ve produced CSV files containing the data reported within these releases and a data explorer.

For this cycle, we have also introduced a new subject report using the Common Aggregation Hierarchy (CAH). This new report groups 2019 cycle courses using their Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) codes into the CAH.

We have produced a subset of the sector reports for applicants to nursing courses (within subject group ‘B7’). These reports include applicants who have made at least one choice to a ‘B7’ nursing course. The CSV files for these reports do not contain rows for which the value rounds to zero. This is to avoid identification of small numbers.

The primary set of statistics covers all applications in the UCAS Undergraduate scheme:

View the data explorer for the 2019 January deadline applicant figures

The additional reports cover nursing applicants:

An analysis report looking at population-referenced application rates for those who submit their application to UCAS by the January deadline has also been published. This report covers application rates by provider country, applicant age, geography and other applicant characteristics.​

The reports cover applicants and applications to courses in the UK recruited through UCAS. In Scotland, there is a substantial section of provision, representing around a third of young full-time undergraduate study in Scotland, that is not included in UCAS' figures. For people living in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, UCAS covers the overwhelming majority of full-time undergraduate provision.

In 2015, around 120 courses at providers in Scotland that were previously part of the UCAS Teacher Training scheme, moved into the UCAS Undergraduate scheme. The numbers for providers in Scotland in 2015 and later recorded through the UCAS Undergraduate scheme will include those which were previously part of UCAS Teacher Training.