2021 cycle applicant figures – January equal consideration deadline

Statistical release published on 18 February, providing core numbers for the 2021 29 January application deadline, comparison data to all previous 15 January deadlines, and graphical illustrations of key trends.

This release includes reports covering different characteristics of applicants (including domicile, age, gender, Indices of Multiple Deprivation and POLAR4 quintile) and provision type (including country of provider). In addition to the interactive tool above we’ve produced CSV files containing the data reported. 

Further information

Technical notes and definitions are available above in the help section of the dashboard.

The National Statistics Postcode Lookup (NSPL) was updated in August 2020, so some attributes derived from applicant postcode may not match previous releases.

On 18 February, applicant and population figures in the application rate CSV files were updated to be rounded to the nearest 10, in line with the other January deadline CSVs files.

On 18 February the application rate by POLAR4 quintile CSV was updated to include the POLAR4 by gender breakdown for all domiciles.

Gibraltar has been classified as EU (excluding the UK) in this release. This has resulted in a small overreporting of EU (excluding UK) figures, and a small underreporting of Not EU figures.

CSV reports are available below:

2021 January deadline applicant statistics CSV files (1.55 MB)



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