Other Elementary Services Occupations

Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of elementary services occupations.


New workers
£ 4,930
£ 18,809
£ 41,603

Available jobs

In the past year there were 41,028 vacancies for this type of job

Related courses

People work towards these careers by taking these courses at college and uni.

What they do most days?

  • Dances in adult entertainment establishments.

  • Receives clothing, luggage and other articles, collects fee and issues ticket and returns item to deposit or on presentation of receipt.

  • Collects payment, issues tickets and monitors the use of bathing huts, changing rooms, bath houses and deck chairs.

  • Examines and collects tickets at harbours, piers and similar thoroughfares or establishments not elsewhere classified.

  • Loads numbered balls into bingo machine, starts machine, removes balls and reads numbers, and checks winning bingo cards against numbers drawn.

  • Divines and tells fortunes by various means.

  • Assists in the movement of scenery and other stage equipment.

  • Assists hotel guests with luggage etc. on arrival and departure, keeps entrance lobby tidy, deals with guests’ enquiries.

Hard Skills

Hard skills are specific, learnable, measurable, often industry or occupation-specific abilities related to a position.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Food Preparation

  • Restaurant Operation

  • Food Safety And Sanitation

  • Cooking

  • Mopping

  • Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health (COSHH)

  • Waste Management

  • Closed-Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)

  • Stock Rotation

  • Food Services

Soft Skills

Soft skills can be self-taught and usually do not necessitate a certain completed level of education.

Skills are ranked based on the number of job adverts that list them as required skills.

  • Communication

  • Cleanliness

  • Customer Service

  • Detail Oriented

  • Management

  • Willingness To Learn

  • Operations

  • Enthusiasm

  • English Language

  • Strong Work Ethic

How do I get a job like this?

People in these types of job started their career paths after studying courses like the ones below.