Creative and design

Could you produce films for Netflix? Maybe you want to write novels, report stories for the BBC or curate exhibitions for museums? A career in this sector is all about using creative flair.

What is a creative and design apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship in the sector is a practical, work-based route into your chosen creative career. You will gain the qualifications and skills to work in the field while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.

You could be doing special FX for movies, designing clothes for fashion shows or out photographing wildlife in the African desert.

Career opportunities from a creative and design apprenticeship

An apprenticeship in the industry can lead to a range of careers, including a:

There are also opportunities to work for yourself later on in your career.

A day in the life of a Video Production Apprenticeship

Esha is a video production apprentice at Channel 4.
The average salary for a trainee journalist
GOV.UK, correct as of December 2022
Over 3,000
Number of people starting a creative and design apprenticeship in 2021/22
GOV.UK, correct as of December 2022

Esha Bal, junior digital content producer apprentice at Channel 4

The thing with video editing is that we all do things slightly differently so having lots of conversations during the apprenticeship and working collaboratively is how you learn from each other and pick up little hacks along the way. It’s a really friendly environment to work and learn in.

Kath Geraghty Workforce Development Manager at National Theatre

We’re not age or experience limited and we’re not looking for a certain type of person. Instead, we’re looking for people with the right attitude and aptitude and those passionate about the creative industries. There’s a real opportunity to build a hugely successful career for those with the drive and passion to go for it.

A day in the life of a Design Apprentice

Max is a digital user experience degree apprentice at IBM.
  • The industry is fast-paced.
  • It’s a very sociable environment.
  • You can see the impact of your role.
  • It can be a stressful environment.
  • You may need to work evenings and weekends.
  • Roles can be competitive.

Who would suit a creative and design apprenticeship?

You might be interested in a creative and design apprenticeship if you:

  • have a creative mind
  • are passionate about producing art or writing
  • are innovative and curious

You might be a good fit for a creative and design apprenticeship if you:

  • have an eye for detail
  • are creative
  • are resilient
  • can manage your time well
  • work well as part of a team

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FAQs about creative and design apprenticeships

Krishaan Freckleton, pictures apprentice at Channel 4

It is really competitive to get an apprenticeship, so you need to stand because of the volume of people who apply. It’s not about giving employers the answers you think they want to hear because they’ve heard those a thousand times. It’s thinking outside the box and answering in a different way that they’ll remember.

Max Rickards, digital user experience apprentice at IBM

When I was searching for apprenticeships I had no idea what to look for, so I’d definitely recommend doing lots of research to find out more. You can research the different opportunities out there and see what sparks your interest. I’d also say don’t put all your eggs in one basket and apply for a few to give yourself the best chance.

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