Teaching and lecturing

Teachers and lecturers are vital in shaping and developing the ambitions and aspirations of future generations.
Reena Asal – Teaching apprentice

What’s an apprenticeship in teaching and lecturing?

A teaching apprenticeship is the gateway to a career where you can make a difference in the lives of countless students.

Whether you have an interest in early years development, a passion for a particular subject or the ambition to become a head teacher, you can create a fulfilling career in teaching through an apprenticeship.

Jessica Mead – Level 5 Certificate of Education Apprenticeship, Keighley College

"I really enjoy the freedom I get to be creative in how I teach. Of course, I’m given the curriculum and the confines to work within, but ultimately I choose how I deliver the content and engage with the students. I've loved my apprenticeship so much I'm even considering a masters now."

Kevin O’Hare – Interim Principle, Keighley College

“Being a teaching apprentice is incredibly rewarding and in further education in particular, you watch extraordinary stories unfold before you. Many of our learners might have struggled at school but the active learning they receive here suddenly makes things click and transformational things happen.”

Facts and stats

Average salary
The average salary in the teaching and lecturing sector is £39,8591.
There are currently over 600,000 teachers in the UK2.
Teachers who want to live and work overseas can do. The demand for English teachers is also growing in many countries.
Change the world
By inspiring and supporting the next generation, teachers have a big impact on society and it’s a very rewarding career.
Industry growth
There are over 24,000 schools in the UK3, so teachers are always in demand.
95% of newly qualified teachers are employed in a teaching role within six months of completing their training4. With an apprenticeship, you may also be able to stay on at the same school or institution.

Who would suit a teaching apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships in teaching and lecturing are relatively new and are available at postgraduate Level 6 and master's Level 7, offering an increasingly popular route into a career in this sector.

An apprenticeship in teaching and lecturing opens up the possibility to work in a number of varied roles including both primary and secondary school teachers, careers advisers, further education and higher education. There are also head of department and head teacher opportunities for those looking to climb the career ladder.

Apprenticeships in this sector tend to be in schools, colleges or local authorities. If you have a passion for sharing and learning and want to inspire young people to reach their full potential, a career in teaching and lecturing would be a great choice for you.

Sam Murray – Level 7 Academic Professional, Middlesex University

"This apprenticeship has created a community and it’s great to be engaged and involved in it. I think one of the huge benefits is the knowledge and skills swapping and of course the sharing of ideas. It’s not just the study materials that have value, it’s what we can learn from each other too."

Sandra Cox – Level 5 Learning and Teaching Skills Apprenticeship, Oxford University Hospitals

"Even though it’s usually school leavers that look at apprenticeships, I’m proof that they’re a great thing at any age and at any point in your career. I’m now using so many different tools and platforms to make the training I create more interesting and engaging, and ultimately more successful.”

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  • It’s a rewarding career where you can make a difference.
  • There are lots of opportunities to travel as a teacher.
  • It’s a secure career as there will always be a need for teachers.
  • Modelling positive behaviours and setting an example can be challenging at times.
  • Some teaching apprenticeships require previous education experience.
  • Teaching requires a lot of commitment and can mean long hours.

Why choose a teaching and lecturing apprenticeship?

Apprentices are a crucial and valuable part of the classroom team, providing important support to qualified teaching staff. Although you’ll initially be employed as an unqualified teacher, you’ll develop rapidly and soon be able to contribute to the teaching process.

I really love the freedom I have to teach the way I want to teach.

Jessica Mead, Apprentice at Keighley College

Schools work alongside training providers to ensure apprentices have lots of guidance and support. Whilst you complete your academic studies on a part-time basis, you’ll also be immersed in the classroom environment and fully guided by your qualified mentors.

Schools and training providers recognise that it requires a wide range of knowledge, interpersonal skills and qualities to become a great, inspirational teacher and that these characteristics are best developed through mentorship and ongoing support. 

We’re in the business of people, so communication and motivating people are important qualities to have.

Kevin O’Hare, Employer at Keighley College

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