What do we know about progression for the second cohort of students with T Levels?

The 2023 cycle marked the second year that students in England with T Levels used the skills and knowledge they developed to access the right next step for them, from apprenticeships and higher education to employment. That is something to recognise on T Levels Day of National Apprenticeship Week 2024.

Philippa Alway, Senior Policy Adviser (Apprenticeships and Skills), UCAS8 Feb 2024, 08:56

Getting to number one – understanding the decision-making factors of WP students

It’s the warm season – for both the weather and conversion strategies in student recruitment. But while your Marketing teams developed multiple communications campaigns, segmenting by a range of demographic data points from subject focus to country of domicile, how do you know that your messages are helping them to choose your provider as their first choice?

Vicky Downie, Principal Insight Consultant 15 Jun 2023, 07:50

Why it’s time for everyone to ‘think international’ 

With the 2023 update to UK Government’s International Education Strategy (IES) and UCAS projecting that international undergraduate applicants will see a 60% increase by 2030, it is a timely opportunity to take stock. In this blog, UCAS reflects on how far we’ve come over the past four years, and why it’s never been more critical for the sector, including us at UCAS, to ‘think international.’

Des Cutchey, International Development Lead, and Carys Willgoss, Principal Policy Adviser30 May 2023, 12:41

Student Lifestyle Survey - Lifestyle & Spending

It’s time for another instalment of the UCAS Student Lifestyle Report for 2023. Chapter 2 of the report is all about student lifestyle and spending.

Lavina Chainani, Customer Success Director, Student Lifestyle, UCAS30 Mar 2023, 11:22

Time for some post-match (consultation) analysis

At the time of writing, we’re 97 days on from the closing date for the HE strategy and policy reform consultation – a major piece of work, which has occupied UCAS and indeed the whole education sector since the Augar Review first landed in 2018.

Carys Willgoss, Principal Policy Adviser 11 Aug 2022, 11:17