Personal statement advice: medicine

Aspiring to join the medical world professionally? Then you’ll need the right experience to be seriously considered for a place on a medicine course. Getting experience and researching what’s needed in your personal statement should ideally go hand in hand.

Career goals: Doctor

Long hours, intense studying, and the small case of confronting illness and death each day. No wonder medicine has a competitive and demanding reputation.

Azrah, Level 6 clinical trials specialist degree apprentice

Azrah Bashir is in her second year of a clinical trials specialist degree apprenticeship at HMR London (Hammersmith Medicines Research); a company specialising in phase 1 and early phase 2 clinical trials. At the end of her five-year course she will get a BSc Applied Bioscience degree from the University of Kent.

Personal statement advice: animal science

A degree in animal science opens up numerous career options working with animals, or could be a stepping stone into a graduate veterinary medicine course. If it's your degree of choice, here are some personal statement pointers.

Admissions tests

Some universities require you to sit an admissions test as part of the application process – discover the different types of assessment here.

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