Top apprenticeship myths: busted

Confused about apprenticeships? Not sure how to sort the fact from fiction? Here, we’ve put together some of the top myths about apprenticeships, along with the real facts.

Tuition Fee Loans for full-time students

If you're studying an undergraduate course, you could get a Tuition Fee Loan. A Tuition Fee Loan covers the cost of the fees charged by your university or college. Content provided by Student Finance England.

UCAS Marketing Services

We’re proud to be an independent charity, providing advice and guidance to more than 1.5 million individuals every year. Working with universities, employers and apprenticeship providers, UCAS is the gateway to higher education and employment opportunities across the UK.

UCAS Reports

Over the past two years, UCAS has released these high-impact reports that shone a light on pertinent issues in education and skills.

What is the journey to a million?

UCAS projects that by the end of the decade, we could see up to a million students apply for higher education (HE) across the full range of Level 4 and above opportunities. In collaboration with Unite Students and Knight Frank, we examine those projections in more detail below.