Studying abroad: Facts and figures

Choosing to study abroad can prove to employers that you're flexible and culturally mobile. Many employers also think it gives you maturity and a breadth of experience that makes you stand out from other candidates. Take a look at what UK students are studying and where.

What is distance learning?

Distance learning allows you to pursue a degree, by studying in your own time, rather than on campus. Learn more about this alternative, including who offers it, and whether employers recognise it.

Paid Social & Search Campaigns

We run targeted campaigns across a mix of paid media platforms from Google to TikTok, so you can be confident of better brand awareness, student engagement and ROI for your business.

How to become a social worker

Social workers offer support to those most in need, whether it’s a family under pressure or a person with a physical or learning disability trying to live independently.

What to study

Find out what each type of postgraduate qualification involves, what the entry requirements are, how much it might cost, and where to find out more.

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate courses can help you progress or change your career. Find out what the options are and how to apply.


Facts about the TechBAc: who they're for, what do I need to get in, where can I study one and what's involved, and what you can do afterwards.

Supported internships

Facts about supported internships: who's eligible, how the study programme works, and who to contact for more information.

Fill your accommodation

From targeted paid social campaigns to integrated multichannel delivery we can support your annual campaign plans and help you get your living space noticed.