What can my school, college or centre see?

When creating a UCAS account via UCAS Hub

•    When creating an account with UCAS via the UCAS Hub and selecting the school, college or centre and ticking the consent box, this enables UCAS to link you to that school, college or centre.
•    This allows UCAS to show teachers and advisers what you are researching on within the UCAS Hub to enable them to support you.  
•    The school, college or centre can see the your name, last logged on dates, and individuals’ research activity.  For example, subjects you are interested in, your preferences (for example undergraduate, conservatoire apprenticeship).

What is the buzzword?
A buzzword is a unique word set by a school, college or centre and given to students to enable them to link their UCAS undergraduate application with them.

What if I change my mind?
If you no longer want to share your UCAS Hub activity with your school, college or centre, you can log onto your Hub account and untick the box in the preferences section.  It will mean that your teacher or adviser will no longer be able to fully support you through the process.

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